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  • January 1, 1970

About Us

energywired provides affordable solar systems to homes, schools and businesses. We pride ourselves in being independent of technology, and meeting specific energy needs. 

We do this by providing a standard suite of solar packages but also offering customised solutions that best deliver the results you're seeking. Not only that, but as qualified electricians we are able to recommend ways to reduce energy consumption.

Being independent of technology, we ensure you make the right solar decision for your budget and requirements. We do this by not compromising on quality, as all our systems are supported by warranties of the same duration. 

While providing affordable and quality solar systems is our primary focus, energywired installers are EcoSmart Electricians, accredited by the Clean Energy Council and qualified A electricians and can also perform general electrical work.

We would be delighted to help you select a solar system so that you can generate your own free solar energy from the sun.


energywired's network of accredited installers specialise in the design and installation of solar systems to Australian standards. 

In addition to solar systems, energywired offers a range of electrical services for homes, offices, shops and shopping centers, factories, warehouses and schools. Typical services include:

  • general electrical services
  • optical fibre installations
  • home security
  • data cabling

For more information about our sevices, select either our domestic, commercial or industrial pages or contact us.


The energywired objective is simple: 

We strive to provide households and businesses affordable and sustainable, green energy and electrical infrastructure.

Safety and Health

energywired and its management team care about the safety and health of its employees.  To view our safety policy, click here 


The values by which energywired employees work are:

  • Trustworthiness - beIng honest is always the right thing, even when there are negative consequences
  • Accountability - take ownership for your actions and deliver on promises
  • Open-minded - accept innovation and be open to new ideas