About Solar Energy

Why go Solar?

For the Environment - Climate change (i.e. global warming) is caused by excessive emission of CO2. 90% of Victorian electricity is produced from coal, a major contributor to climate change. Solar power is pollution and greenhouse gas free energy

You’ll Save Money - While there are up-front costs to buying solar panels, your energy bills will be lower as you don’t need to purchase as much electricity from your electricity provider. In addition, Victorian energy utilities will pay 8 cents per kilowatt for electricity fed back into the electricity grid generated from a solar system. Don’t forget, experts are forecasting electricity prices to increase by 66% by 2015

Solar Panels are Long-Lasting - Our solar panels typically come with a 25-year manufacturers warranty for minimum power output and require only minimal maintenance. Inverters come with a 5-year manufacturers warranty, and installation comes with a 2 year warranty

Improve Public Health - Scientists have shown that air pollution from coal generated power plants is a major contributor to asthma attacks. The broad adoption of solar generated energy in Australia will improve air quality and reduce the prevalence of asthma attacks 

Beware of solar sharks

There are hundreds of suppliers/providers/installers of solar systems  in Victoria. In such a competitive market, we have uncovered a range of unfortunate practices that give the industry a bad name. Beware of the following issues:

  • Solar Sharks say... that their solar panels/inverters are manufactured in Germany. 
    • In reality... most solar panels are manufactured in Asia (China/South Korea). In some instances the panels are simply German engineered, but rarely are the manufactured in Germany
  • Solar Sharks say... that Chinese designed and manufactured solar systems are ineffective and break easily.
    • In reality... many Chinese solar panels/inverters come with the same warranty as European/Australian designed systems and the payback time on the system is often much shorter
  • Solar Sharks say... that any solar system in any position is better than no solar system at all. 
    • In reality... shading dramatically affects the performance of your solar system. Don't forget, the process of removing trees that obstruct direct sunlight to your solar system can be costly. At worst you may need council approval, clearance from an aborist, agreement from your neighbor and a third party to remove the tree and stump 

Don't get eaten by a solar shark, do your research and understand the values of your solar supplier.

Solar Payback?

Estimating the payback period on the investment into a solar system is an important step in knowing you're making the right solar investment. The key question is “how long is the payback period”? This means, if you pay $3,000 for a solar system, how long will it take before you have made $3,000 back through either electricity companies paying you for energy generated by your solar system, or the amount of money you will save by not paying the electricy company for the power you have used.