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Sustainability that changes lives

For every commercial solar installation completed, we donate to Kiva to provide a solar system for small businesses in developing countries around the world.  Here are some of the people we’ve helped across Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

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Donate a Dollar Week

Energy Wired are proud to be partnered with Give Now for 'DONATE A $ A WEEK INC', you to can also donate a dollar a week by going here

Why donate?

Just one $1 per week each! Small change! It’s not much, but a combined donation of $1000 from all 'DONATE A $ A WEEK' sponsors per week, will be of real help to many Causes and Charitable Organisations, for example, helping to get clean water well for a village in Sudan. To learn more, you cango here:

Photo with Phil Garbutt1.jpg

Phil Garbutt, founder of 'Donate a Dollar Week' on the left standing with Cliff Wigg, owner of of Energy Wired on the right. March 2021

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