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We’ve worked with businesses, and non-profit organisations to reduce overhead costs and increase sustainability. We’ve helped many businesses including factories, shops, cafe’s, restaurants, community centres, churches, charities, offices, aged care, and sporting and entertainment centres.


Going solar not only reduces your overhead costs, but by increasing your sustainability you also attract more customers who prioritise businesses with a focus on sustainability.


We analyse your energy bill, and customise a system to your energy usage - so you get a system that’s just right for you. Not too small it doesn’t offset your electricity bill, and not so large you’re paying for something you don’t use.


We can come out and meet with you and assess your property. We project manage the full process from design, installation, through to grid connection.


Our installation team are experienced and qualified electricians, certified with the Clean Energy Council (CEC).


Throughout the process and after your installation, our team of Solar Solutions Consultants are able to provide support and answer any questions you have.


Here’s the process for getting solar set up on your property:


Flow | Energywired

Example: VicBeam Factory Roof Installation

VICBEAM | Energywired


“ We believe the latest installation to our Bayswater factory will support our minimal waste policy and our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. As heavy energy users, we had Energy Wired install 100 Kilowatts of solar power to our factory roof. Thanks to Energy Wired for their quality work and excellent customer service.”


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