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We’ve been working with homeowners for over 12 years to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.


We don’t just sell standard packages, we analyse your energy bill, and customise a system to your energy usage - so you get a system that’s just right for you. Not too small it doesn’t offset your electricity bill, and not so large you’re paying for something you don’t use.


We come out and do a site inspection prior to installation to look at your roof and switchboard. This means you can avoid hidden costs that can come with installers who turn up on the day unaware of how your property is set up, and then start adding in a lot of extras!


Our team are experienced and qualified electricians, certified with the Clean Energy Council (CEC).


Throughout the process and after your installation, our team of Solar Solutions Consultants are able to provide support and answer any questions you have.


Here’s the process for getting solar set up on your property:


Flow | Energywired


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