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Energy Wired is all about unique, customised solutions, aiming to aid you in living a more sustainable lifestyle and save you money.

Here are our services and solutions to energise you!

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Solar Systems | Energy Wired

Solar Systems

Energy Monitoring | Energy Wired

Energy Monitoring

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Heating and Cooling

 General Electrical | Energy Wired

General Electrical and Lighting

Battery Storage | Energy Wired

Battery Energy Storage:

Electric Hot Water  | Energy Wired

Electric Hot Water

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EV Chargers

Solar Panel Cleaning | Energy Wired

Solar Panel Cleaning

We Work With:

Landlords  | Energy Wired
Home Owners  | Energy Wired
Business  | Energy Wired
Builders  | Energy Wired
Government | Energy Wired

In all our Services We Are Committed to our Values

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