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Business Solar Panel Solutions

Why solar power for business?

Energy Wired has helped businesses and not-for-profits reduce their overhead costs and carbon footprint. We’ve been designing and installing solar systems for over 10 years, across Melbourne and throughout Victoria. 


We’ve helped schools, Aged Care facilities, Retirement villages, Factories, Retail stores, and Community organisations become more sustainable and significantly reduce their energy bill. Our team can analyse your current energy usage throughout the year, assess the site, and design a solar system that meets your needs.


Our commercial and not-for-profit customers typically save 30 - 70% off their power bill, and some have even been in credit!


The savings from your energy bill will mean the cost of your solar system typically pays for itself within 2 - 5 years. 


Right now you can access thousands in government rebates and incentives.

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8 reasons to choose energy wired



Clean Energy Regulator rated us in the top 5% for Quality installation. This means a safe, reliable, and durable system for you.


We’ve delivered savings of $49K per year off businesses power bill from a 100 Kilowatt solar system.


We’re certified partners of several solar manufacturers which gives you longer manufactures warranty on your system.




For every solar system installed we donate to Kiva to provide a solar system for a business in developing countries.




We’ve been in business for  almost 10 years, we’re experienced and developed specialised skills and niche industry knowledge.




Our customers reviews rank us as one of the highest ranked solar businesses in Victoria on Google.




We can set you up with leasing options to buy now, and pay as you go, keeping you cash flow positive and saving off your energy bill.




Trusted local Victorian business. We don’t sub contract out work, and we don’t offshore. We ensure high quality customer service and installation.

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Financing Options.


You want Solar for your business but you would also like to keep cash flow positive? Well, we offer financing to help reduce the financial pressures 

Not For Profit Businesses.

You want to spend your money on changing lives, not on your power bills. Reduce your overhead costs and your carbon footprint, and become a sustainable organisation. Typically our customers save 20 - 30% off their power bills by getting a solar system installed.


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For the Environment - Climate change (i.e. global warming) is caused by excessive emission of CO2. 90% of Victorian electricity is produced from coal, a major contributor to climate change. Solar power is pollution and greenhouse gas-free energy

Save money.


You’ll Save Money and Reduce your overheads  - While there are up-front costs of buying solar panels, your energy bills will be lower as you don’t need to purchase as much electricity from your electricity provider. In addition, Victorian energy utilities will pay 8 cents per kilowatt for electricity fed back into the electricity grid generated from a solar system. Don’t forget, experts are forecasting electricity prices to increase by 66% by 2020. Typically a business saves between 20 - 30% each year on their energy bill from a solar system



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Solar Panels are Long-Lasting - Our solar panels typically come with a 25-year manufacturers warranty for minimum power output and require only minimal maintenance. Inverters come with a 5-year manufacturers warranty, and  installation, operation and performance come with a 5-year warranty in addition to consumer rights under Australian Consumer Law.

Your health.


Improve Public Health - Scientists have shown that air pollution from coal-generated power plants is a major contributor to asthma attacks. The broad adoption of solar-generated energy in Australia will improve air quality and reduce the prevalence of asthma attacks 

Business Testimonials.


Olivet Aged Care

"Olivet Aged Care engaged Energy Wired to install a 99 KW solar system on our facility in Ringwood Vic. Cliff and his workers were very efficient and installed the system very quickly. I would recommend them to install any domestic or commercial solar system. Our facility is saving about 30% on our power bills.”

Ken Ladson

Maintenance Manager


Screenshot 2019-11-13 at 12.34.27.jpg

Mt Waverley Christadelphian Hall

"The solar installation at Mt Waverley Christadelphians has been very beneficial.  It has reduced how much we would’ve paid for electricity by several hundred dollars a year because the electricity produced by the solar panels reduces the amount of electricity we are importing from the electricity network.  The solar installation was done well and has been totally reliable ever since it was installed several years ago."

Maintenance Manager


Ronald King & Matches Surfwear

We recently used Energy Wired for the supply and installation of solar panels on a commercial property.


Their service and installations procedures from the beginning were of the highest standard and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering installing solar panels on either a commercial or residential property.


We have noticed that our energy power bills have reduced by an average of 40% per month since the installation.





Stockland Vermont Retirement Village

"We were very impressed with Energy Wired's service and professionalism when installing our solar system. We received our power bill after installing solar and we're now actually in credit."

Erin Gosling



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