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What are the real benefits of solar for your business?

Benefits of Solar for your Business.

If you’ve been contemplating installing a solar system for your business but are unsure if it's the right option for your budget, circumstances and facilities, we’ve outlined the top benefits for considering commercial solar.

Sustainability & Environmentally Conscious:

Building an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and sustainable brand is not just on trend but good business in the current market. Installing solar will drastically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, two of the major contributors to climate change and air pollution. Green business is good business, and with an increased focus on the environmental footprint left by businesses globally, customers are becoming more and more conscious of who they give their money to.

Benefit Financially:

Aside from the environmental impact most businesses want to hear that switching to solar is a wise financial decision. Currently return on investments sit between 3-5 years and in some cases even lower. Cases will differ individually but looking into tax benefits and government grants is a great idea when deciding to invest in solar.

Save on Energy Bills:

While the install itself might take a few years to see a return what you will notice is a reduced energy bill. Electricity prices are on the rise and most commercial contracts are short term, going solar puts you in control. It’s also important to note that solar will reduce other aspects of your bill like demand and capacity charges. Energy Wired has delivered savings of 30% per year off businesses power bill. From a 100 Kilowatt solar system that could save you $50K each year.


Commercial solar system are becoming more and more affordable. The payback periods are relatively quick and the initial outlay is coming down considerably. It is also worth looking into the various finance plans and Power Purchase Agreements that are available to businesses in Australia. Ask us about your options.

Technology is improving:

As the standard of solar panels in Australia continues to grow, the better the technology becomes, and inevitably this will encourage the price of commercial solar panels to lower in a competitive market. We’ve already seen an increase in wattage capabilities from 2018-2019 which allows for fewer panels in the same amount of roof space.

If you’re interested in switching to solar for your commercial business get in touch with Energy Wired. We can assist you with guidance on products, pricing and installation.



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