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Typically our customers save 20 - 30% off their power bills by getting a solar system installed, and if you don’t have the payment upfront, no problems we partner with Brighte (they’re like AfterPay for solar) and you can get a solar system with $0 upfront.

You don’t want to be spending your savings on power bills, get solar installed as soon as you move in. 

Just Moved House?

Just Moved House

Just built your dream home? You want it to be perfect from day one, and enjoy every moment in it. You don't want to be dealing with unnecessarily big power bills, going solar can help.

Built your Dream Home?

Built your Dream Home?

You’ve made it to retirement! Ready to enjoy golf, beach days and lunches with the girls. But it can be scary not having a constant income, Going solar can help.

Entering Retirement?

Entering into Retirement?

Started a business from home? Or enjoying Flexible work options?  Your power bill will typically increase by 15 - 20%, and you’ll be missing out on all that free energy, Switch to Solar.

Working from Home?

Working from Home?

Are you sick of giving your money to the big corporate giants? Do you like to support local businesses and be self sufficient? Switch to Solar.

Want to become Self Sufficient?

Want to become Self Sufficient?

Growing household? Bigger house? Bigger power bills? Do something for your family and the planet, and start generating your own sustainable solar power.

Growing Household Bills?

Growing Bills?

Environmentally conscious? Is your goal to live a sustainable lifestyle, preserving the planet for future generations? Electricity is responsible for 32 percent of greenhouse emissions, Switch to Solar.

Saving the Planet?

Want to save the planet?

Do you want to be in charge of your own energy production? You can get energy monitoring with your solar system so you can view and manage your energy production in real time.

Want the Latest Technology  in your Home?

Want the Latest Tech?

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