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8 Reasons to choose Energy Wired Solar

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

When choosing to partner with a solar expert, it's important to know what sets them apart from the rest. Energy Wired provides quality solar systems to homes and businesses. As long-standing energy warriors, we are able to recommend the best ways to reduce your energy consumption. Here are 8 reasons to partner with us:

Top Quality:

When opting for or switching to solar it’s important that you receive top quality across the board. We provide installation, products and service. In fact, Energy Wired was rated in the top 5% for quality installation by Clean Energy Regulator.


Energy Wired has been in business for 10 years, which means not only are we experienced, but we’ve developed specialised skills and niche solar industry knowledge so that we can serve you and your needs better.

Longer Warranty:

Energy Wired is a certified partner of several solar manufacturers. One of the big bonuses of these partnerships is that you, the customer, receives a longer warranty on your system when purchased through us.

Customer Focused:

Our focus is always on you and getting you not only the best deal, quality and installation but also providing quality customer service. Our customer reviews rank us as one of the highest-ranked solar businesses in Victoria on Google.

Financing Options:

As part of our service, Energy Wired can set you up with leasing options to buy now, and pay as you go, keeping you cash flow positive and saving off your energy bill.

Community Focused:

One of the initiatives we’re most proud of at Energy Wired is our relationship with Kiva. For every solar system installed we donate to Kiva so businesses and farmers in developing countries can have access to solar too.

Commercial results: Considering commercial solar for your business? Energy Wired has delivered savings of 30% per year off businesses power bill. Over the course of a year that could save you approximately $50,000 from a 100 Kilowatt solar system.

Trusted Local Business: Energy Wired ensures high-quality customer service and installation. We are a trusted local Victorian business and we don’t subcontract our work and we don’t offshore.

Get in touch with Energy Wired today and let us know how we can help you with your solar needs.



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